We’re an egg-cellent team!

Esther eggEsther is a digital content creator with over 15 years experience with non-profits. Her clients include Greenpeace and Shelter. She founded her own ethical fashion campaign called the Fashion Mob and edits the online magazine Ms Wanda’s Wardrobe.

Visit Esther’s personal website at www.estherfreeman.co.uk

ESTHER ALSO SHARES… too many You Tube cat videos

Tony eggTony is an editor and camera operator and has worked extensively with both the BBC and Channel 4. He has edited programmes for Jamie Oliver, Paul Hollywood and Tom Kerridge. Tony has also worked on films for Shelter, Greenpeace and Free Tibet.

Visit Tony’s personal website at www.tonygraynoth.com

TONY ALSO SHARES…very loud rock music

Bronwyn eggBronwyn creates websites and apps for start-ups, social enterprises, community groups and artists. She is also experienced in e-commerce, SEO strategies, e-newsletters, integrating social media and managing IT and web infrastructure.

Visit her website at www.app17.co.uk


Mark eggMark is a photographer who works for charities and social enterprises. His work addresses social issues and the themes that regularly surface in his work are homelessness, education, immigration, inter-faith interactions and definitions of community.

See more of Mark’s photos at www.mburtonphoto.com

MARK ALSO SHARES…seeds from the allotment