Bronwyn Goodwin

She has built a number of apps for schools, including in Waltham Forest. She has also built a number of digital projects for local organisations, including Wood Street Hub, Stow Fest and the E-List.

For the past ten years Bronwyn has been involved in creating websites and developing iPhone and Android apps.

She is also the creator of all the digital assets for Share UK since 2012. When not writing code and fixing bugs, she’s digging potatoes and pruning trees with her family on their allotment.

Penny Dale

Originally from Zambia, Penny is an award-winning journalist, who specialises in making audio documentaries. She is driven by a passion for uncovering unique stories and helping others tell their own life histories in compelling, compassionate ways. 

For 20 years, she worked at the BBC World Service, focusing on African issues. Now, she’s a freelancer, making podcasts and training other journalists.

Penny also loves fabrics, colour, photography, history and is learning how to make batiks. She’s happiest by and under the sea or in the African bush.

Hannah Lamdin

Hannah has a Masters in Human Ecology and in the last 20 years worked in the corporate, charity and voluntary sectors for organisations from The Guardian to VSO on sustainability and community engagement, as a qualified sustainability assurer, trainer, in volunteering development, on strategy and as part of more direct approaches as an activist.  

Since having children she has elected to home educate and explore the world of alternative, democratic and autonomous education. This has also afforded her the time to do other things she loves like producing art, music and theatre experiences at festivals and events like Walthamstow Garden Party, High Tide Festival and Fforest Gather. 

When she gets any free time she can be found wandering shorelines, fields and forests sniffing the air and collecting plants for botanical dyeing, or hiding at home making things.