Rebecca Mason-Bond
Rebecca has a background in journalism, publishing and creative content production. For the past 14 years she has been managing print, film, stills photography and digital projects for non-profit organisations. Most recently she has worked for Save the Children delivering content for fundraising campaigns like Christmas Jumper Day. In her spare time she sings in a community choir and plays D&D with her daughter.


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Chandra Vemury
Chandra is a civil/structural engineer with an interest in human rights and the environment. He runs a design practice in the North East and lectures in civil/structural engineering and sustainable design. Chandra is a trustee at Transition Network, member of the CIHT Council, and previously served as chair at Journeys to Justice. Chandra also plays cricket, drinks cappuccino and argues philosophy with anybody who cares to listen!


Bronwyn Goodwyn.
For the past seven years Bronwyn has been involved in creating websites and developing iPhone and Android apps. She has built a number of apps for schools, including in Waltham Forest. She has also built a number of digital projects for local organisations, including Wood Street Hub, Stow Fest and the E-List. She is also the creator of all the digital assets for Share UK since 2012. When not writing code and fixing bugs, she’s digging potatoes and pruning trees with her family on their allotment.